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The Index is a bit stripped-down for my tastes; I would have preferred a more-thorough indexing of terms such as "back-scatter", "queue split factor", and so on.

Some helpful examples and descriptions of components, such as checkpassword (which is indexed as a subtopic under qmail-pop3d), are not indexed as expected.

Generally, this index seems to have not been as carefully prepared as most of the rest of the book.

The "QMAILQUEUE" subtopic under "qmail" points to Page 30, where the environment variable QMAILQUEUE is barely touched upon, and this index subentry seems redundant, given that a top-level entry for QMAILQUEUE exists and points to Page 35, where the topic is well-explored.

Similar topic/subtopic issues exist, such as the needless subtopics for SPF, all of which points to Page 94 (where SPF is discussed), and only one of the two almost-but-not-quite-similar subtopics for receiving email (or is it mail?) under "SSL Encryption" should have been provided.


Previous: Chapter 8 Book Review: Qmail Quickstarter  

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